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Fiscal Responsibility

October 18, 2012

All this talk about this astronomical debt:  In my opinion the debt crisis cannot be blamed on this Presidents Administration.  Its much easier to get into a war vs get out of a war.  We were in two wars when President Obama took office and the debt was rising as a consequence.  This President took office with Wall Street in trouble and a Mortgage Crisis, these last two problems were a result of deregulation from the Bush Administration.  I feel as though President Obama has stood up to the challenges and tackled them head on.  The Government had to step in and rescue these industries.  I think it is unfair to blame the debt on a President who inherited a financial mess.  This is a big country and very diverse.  Its impossible to turn a very large ship around in a small space, the American economy is the same way.  It takes awhile for the economy to turn around .  I feel we are on the right track and it would be a mistake to allow another President to step in with a new adgenda.  We need to give President Obama’s policies a chance to work.  We are already seeing signs that his plan is working.  In my opinion, if we elect Mitt Romney we will be going back to the Bush Policies.  Which are the very policies that got us in the mess we are in now.  We should not abandon this President, just because he isnt fixing , the mess he inherited, fast enough.  It seems to me we have a President that is a advocate for all Americans, not just the fortunate few.  If we look at the money backing Mitt Romney, their motives are not to help America and its citizens.  Their motives are to benefit themselves.

I want a President, not a CEO acting as President.  I feel Mitt Romney will be a CEO for the very few and what he has said on the campaign trail, will be long gone if he gets elected.

Wars cost money. You just don’t jump in a war and out of a war. We will be paying for these two wars for years to come. Just the care of the wounded warriors, is a staggering ongoing cost

I don’t agree with everything Obama has done, personally I was of the same opinion as Mitt Romney and we should have let General Motors go thru bankruptcy. I feel as though we should stick with this President and its a big mistake if we elect Mitt Romney.

I want a President with character and integrity

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