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History is on our side as voters

October 18, 2012

In my opinion, WE all have history on our side to see which plan is the best concerning the economy

Democratic policies and President Clinton:

20+ million jobs created

Deficit turned into a surplus

Republicans policies and President George W. Bush:

All surplus gone

Two wars, one of which we are still in, and it is our longest lasting war.

And loosing 850,000 jobs a month at end of Bush Jr administrations.

Trickle down was introduced in 1980 by Regan. 22 years ago. Today 400 wealthy individuals control more wealth then the rest of the 350 million americans combined. How well is trickle down working.

The previous administration got us into two wars we put on a credit card. Do we really want more of those policies ??

Bill Clinton Secretary of Explaining Things

I would like to hear some constructive comments.

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