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Is the White House for sale

October 18, 2012

People think for yourselves. Look at the money backing Romney, look at the motives of the money backing Romney.   The Koch Brothers have committed 400 million to buy the White House.   Romney and Ryan  will have just a few billionaries to answer to.

And what has been said on the campaign trail will be long gone.

Koch Brothers Exposed.    The 1% at their very worst.

Koch Brothers influencing Universities

Voter suppression, a new low for the top 1%

Why do the Koch Brothers want to end public education?

Koch Brothers want to destroy Social Security

Right-Wing “Nonprofit” Religious Groups and Koch Brothers Team Up to Target Voters

Wednesday, 24 October 2012 12:37

In audio obtained from a Family Council fundraiser in Anchorage, Alaska, Truthout has learned that a number of right-wing religious groups, including Focus on the Family, have been working with the Koch brothers to target voters across the country using their multimillion-dollar voter database known as Themis.

At a fundraiser held at the Anchorage Middle Eastern restaurant Aladdin’s last week, Focus on the Family-associated Alaska Family Council President Jim Minnery laid out his plans for the future of the religious right – and why there was a movie-size poster of the arch-conservative businessmen Charles and David Koch on an easel by the door.    Source: Truth-out


I find it curious that the Koch brothers would begin their quest to save America from ruinous debt in January 2009, shortly after President Obama was elected.

Why weren’t the Koch brothers protesting so vehemently when a fiscally profligate Republican occupied the White House and pushed through two irresponsible tax cuts that the nation could ill afford as it fought two foreign wars?

In enumerating the reasons for America’s burgeoning deficit, the Koch Brothers leave out three of the largest factors contributing to the deficit: President George W. Bush‘s tax cuts and the two unfunded wars that Bush initiated in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Koch brothers may try to disguise their push to buy a friendly Republican administration in the White House as a patriotic crusade to save America.

They attempted a similar obfuscation when bankrolling the ersatz grassroots tea party movement in 2009.

But their real motives are plain enough to see: to put a Republican in the White House and entrench a corporate plutocracy in America.

Andrew Edmonson, Houston


I was brought to tears as I read the article on the Koch brothers.

I would truly fight to my death for them to have the right to voice their opinion, but I cry at what they are doing to this country: nothing short of trying to buy who they think is best for me.

I can read and research, and I will vote for the person who speaks for me. People like them cannot buy me.

Nancy Bell, Houston

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