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Romney on Blind Trusts—Are we ever gonna wake up and hold this man accountable for his misrepresentations?

October 26, 2012

Mitt Romney explaining “You can always tell a blind trust what to do”

“a blind trust is an age old Rue”

Mit Romney candidate has been proudly telling the American public in debates and speeches, that he has no control over his money and it is managed by a blind trust.

Do we really want a person with this kind of character, as our President?   Mitt Romney has been claiming he has no control over Bain Capital and its managed by a blind trust.  But he told us a few years ago–that a blind trust is nothing but a ruse. Now Bain Capital is planning on closing a steel plant and moving it to China

Sensata Plant Owned By Bain Capital

The plant in Freeport, Ill., , has become an embarrassing campaign issue for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The factory’s 170 jobs are being relocated to China. Activists and workers have called on Romney to use his influence with Bain to halt the offshoring.

Sensata made the Illinois workers train the Chinese who will take their jobs as a condition of receiving their meager severance pay  Once stripped of their jobs, the laid-off Americans apply for unemployment and other government benefits to survive. Guess that turns them into the “takers” whom Romney holds in contempt.

Romney still owns stock in the company

In the second presidential debate, Romney accused China of “cheating,” mainly by holding down the value of its currency.

Part of Romney’s rap against China is the stealing of U.S. technology. But Microsoft had accused Bain’s Chinese retailer, Gome Electrical Appliances, of pirating its software. And Global-Tech, a Bain Chinese appliance company, was found to have violated a U.S. patent held by a French company.

Mitt says a blind trust is a ruse , essentially saying he can call the shots at Bain.

Mitt says he is gonna get tough on China.  Sensata Technologies made over 400 million last quarter.  Sensata is moving to China because 400 million is not enough profits for a quarter.  200 jobs being shipped to China.

People this is the man running for President.  He says he is for America, but his actions speak louder than words.  No one really believes this is news to Mitt, he has known about this for sometime and been campaigning with this knowledge.  Mitt has his own adgenda for the top 1%, which includes himself.  Does He just show up at campaigns and ask his people, “what do these voters want to hear”?

Bain Never Left Romney


The two presidential campaigns are still arguing about when Mitt Romney left Bain Capital, but from a political perspective the date really doesn’t matter, because Bain never left Mitt Romney. The company’s business practices, before and after his departure, will trail him wherever he goes, and now they have turned up in the northern Illinois city of Freeport.

Mitt Romney on July 11, 2012.Nicholas Kamm/Agence France-Presse — Getty ImagesMitt Romney on July 11, 2012.

There’s a plant in Freeport that makes sensors and controls for cars and airplanes. It’s owned by Sensata Technologies, a company that Bain bought in 2006, somewhere between four and seven years after Mr. Romney left the company. Last year, Sensata announced that it was moving the plant to China at the end of 2012 and laying off all 170 workers, and now those workers are asking Mr. Romney to intervene with his colleagues to save their jobs.

“If he wanted to, all he needs to do is call up the management of Bain Capital and say, ‘Look, don’t do this,’ ” one worker, Tom Gaulrapp, told Reuters.


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