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Who says Politicians cant work together

October 31, 2012

My hat is off to Gov Christie for not playing politics.  Great example of two politicians from both sides of the isle, coming together and solving problems!!!

Why cant there be more of this?  The effects of “Sandy are a very good picture of the problems this country is having.  And here are Democrats and Republicans rolling up their selves and getting it fixed.  Maybe the President and Congress need to get out to the States and roll up their sleeves and DO WHAT THEY ARE ELECTED TO.    I don’t know about you but I’m sick of this bickering coming out of Washington.

In the political arena, we have accepted a presumed truth – that  Republicans and Democrats can’t work together.  We are told this by newspaper articles and columnists, television pundits, and the Senators and Representatives themselves.

Right now, we have a Republican President and a Democratic Governor who are  doing their  job and putting the election and politics on the back burner.  We need to keep people like these two men in office.

Here’s the kind of Leadership we have now.  This jackass should loose his office and be banned from Washington.  Do your job Mr.McConnell, you were hired to work—–So work!!!


Thank God President Obama and Gov. Christie are grown ups and doing their jobs

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