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Man…These Republicans are brutal to their own

November 1, 2012

Romney hand picks Gov. Chris Christie for the RNC.

Huge natural disaster comes along and Americans get a glimpse of 2 adults, 1 Democrat and 1 Republican , working together.

Gov. Christie speaks the truth and his feelings about President Obama——-and the Republicans are crucifying him.  Boy, you have to love that Republican leadership.  I’m the CEO “sure the numbers add up, because I say they do and you will be kicked to the curb if you challenge me or make me look bad—-I’m the CEO and don’t forget it!!”

Rush Limbaugh calls it “man love”.  Limbaugh, what a continual ass.

At least there are 2 adults in Washington working together.

Reminds me of Stalin, when he ordered soldiers to shoot the soldiers in front of them , if the front soldiers couldn’t advance.  Now….. theres a strategy of CEO mentality: Shoot your own.

Again, I want a President with character and integrity –for all Americans.  I don’t want a CEO for President.

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