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Republican Ideals are just contradictory

November 6, 2012

Republicans believe ( And its law ), that Corporation’s are people.  Here’s the contradiction:  If corporations are people, then when a corporate radar comes in loads the corporation up with debt and then the corporation goes bankrupt—-isn’t that murder?  They talk passionately about abortion, yet corporate raiders can murder and its ok.

Corporation is a person and someone sends corporation into BK, then didn’t that Corporation get murdered?  So many extreme right wing thinking people, think Obama is of the devil.  But Obama saved GM, so wasn’t Obama being Christlike?  Christ healed people.

In my opinion, Republican ideals are just ideas and laws to benefit themselves and their supporters.

Then bring in extreme right wing Christian wanna be politicians

This nut started Focus on the Family.  He needs to stick to preaching and Focus on the Facts of the Bible.  The video is basically about  what he said during a commercial when he thought the microphones were off.  But at the first of the video he calls the Democratic party the carrier of some plague.  How hateful.  The Republicans bring nuts like this into the political arena to strengthen their extreme right wing Christian base.  This is just shameful talk coming out of a “preachers” mouth.

What about the Bible verses that say

Judge not that you be not judged

Love thy neighbor as thyself

Zec 8:17 Don’t scheme against each other. Stop your love of telling lies that you swear are the truth. I hate all these things, says the LORD.”

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