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Old, white grey haired men just don’t get it

November 11, 2012

There has been alot of talk this week by Republicans.  They are trying to figure out what happened in the 2012 election and how to draw people back to their party.  Rush Limbaugh, whether Republicans like it or not, is the mouth piece for their extreme ideas and even more extreme questions with soultions.

Limbaugh questions, this last week, how do we get Latino voters?  Answer: Do we have to open our boarders to illegals ?  Old white grey haired men want “illegals” vote, but don’t realize these “illegals” are people with feeling,  families and contributing to the American Dream.  These so called “illegals” are 3 rd and 4th generation families.  They have fought in our wars and pledged allegiance to our Flag.  These “illegals” are Doctors, Teachers, Politicians, Firefighters and Policeman.  Old white grey haired men want “illegals” votes, they just don’t want to acknowledge them as citizens contributing to this great country of ours.  Old white grey haired men, need to accept the fact that this country has been a melting pot since its inception.  All people matter and should be treated with dignity—just the very answer by Limbaugh ” do we open our boarders to “illegals” is derogatory in its tone.  The “n” word is a horrible and derogatory word, I would venture to say Latino’s feel the same about  the word “illegals”.

Limbaugh questions , this last week, how do we get women voters ?  Answer: Do we give them contraceptives ?  A couple months ago, this mouth piece for the Republicans, called a female student a slut and prostitute.  This female student was exercising her right to free speech, which in turn was contributing to our democratic process.    Old white grey haired men want female votes but seem to not recognize females, as having feelings, a mind with thoughts and contributing to this great country of ours.  This great country of ours has females who are CEO’s, Doctors, Firefighters—-basically holding the jobs that any man can do.  Women are not some type of lesser class citizen who just happen to have the right to vote.  Old white grey haired men want female votes, but their mouth piece is asking the wrong questions.  Their mouth piece should be asking, what is important to women, how can we bring women into the discussion vs having a discussion about women.  Old white grey haired men like to talk passionately about abortion, even in the case of rape and incest.  I wonder if they are passionate about the “morality” of abortion or just passionate about getting the votes of extreme right wing Christians.  They talk about “legitimate rape” and inception in the case of rape must be God’s will.  Republican Candidate Tom Smith even goes so far as to say “look at it from a Fathers point of view”.

Maybe these old with grey haired men need to spend some time looking at things from other peoples point of view.  This great country of ours is large, diverse and many people from all cultures and beliefs have made great contributions.  These old white grey haired men seem to think they are still in junior high and getting a vote makes them the most popular guy in class or something ( I don’t really know how they think ).

The best candidate they can come up with, wouldn’t even release his taxes.  I am happy he has been so successful and benefited greatly from this great country of ours. But what about his success wont stand up to scrutiny ?  Lets be real, if he wouldn’t release his taxes, he has something to hide.  Everybody likes a good success story, it gives us hope of the American Dream.   But do we still call it success if it cant stand up to scrutiny ?

Calling Latino’s “illegals” and referring to , a woman who speaks out for what she believes as a slut or prostitute—isn’t going to bring back people to your party.  I don’t agree with everything about President Obama, but he is a President for all the people and when he speaks, even if I don’t agree with him, I still know where he stands.   Old white grey haired men say one thing and do another. They run a campaign with a mantra “we are not gonna let fact checkers dictate our campaign” .  In other words the truth dosent matter, we will lie if in our best interest.   In my opinion, they just don’t get it because their moral compass is off. And their mouth piece just confirms their  bigotry and elitist attitude.

Love thy neighbor as thyself.

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