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Republican Leadership=a “click” of junior high school girls

November 13, 2012

Why are we even having this discussion about raising taxes on the 1 per centers ?  We had a election, President Obama won.

We also have history on our side.  Good economy 1980-1983 taxes on the wealthy were around 50%.

The President Bill Clinton years:

—Taxes for the people who benefited the most from this great county of ours, 39.5 %

—20 plus million jobs created

—the economy was not hurt by the 1% paying 39.5 percent but in  fact the country prospered.

The economy was not hurt by the 1% paying a few extra percentage points in taxes.  Even some of the 1 % think this argument is ludicris.  Warren Buffet thinks its crazy, his secretary pays a higher tax rate than himself.  I’m sure there are other wealthy people feel the same way.

So what is the problem ? The same problem its been for the last 2 years.  Republican leadership.  Republican leaders who take it upon themselves to make “their”  top priority, President Obama a one term President.  Republican leadership who thinks that getting voted into office means they are the most popular girl in the class.  Republican leadership who dosent realize that getting voted into office means they are hired to do a job.  The Republican leadership is comparable to a “click” of junior high school girls.  Ewww you sat with her at lunch ?  Ewwww you walked with her to gym class?  Ewww it wasn’t my idea, so I don’t like it.  When are these old white grey haired men gonna gonna grow up ?   When is Americans gonna do something about these loons?

This is a no brainer, just raise their taxes a few points and lets go on.  I was taught like all good Republicans that liberalism was a bad word.  I was taught that liberalism would lead us to a socialistic society.  Lets get real, President Bill Clinton’s  Presidency had us at full employment.  The economy will not be hurt by the top 1% paying a few extra percentage points in taxes.  Really–what small business owner making 200-300K after taxes is gonna close his doors and go find a job making 60-70 k a year?  Is he gonna do this because he has to pay 10-15 k extra in taxes ?  Really—is he gonna stop creating jobs and go look for a job, because he makes 200K instead of 220k after taxes?

This little “click” of Republican school girls is causing the whole country problems.  Creating strife and gridlock just because it wasn’t their idea.  Republican Leadership—grow up or get out of the way!  Republican Leadership—we had a election, we dont want trickle down.  Trickle down dosent work for America. We Americans are proud of our country, our work ethic and what America stands for.  We dont need Republican leadership convoluting the subject.  We have tried trickle down, it dosent work ( but for a few).  Trickle down likes to say a rising tide raises all boats.  Warren Buffett says a raising tide raises all yachts.

A Intellectual ( you know the kind that gets the facts and think before they talk ) Republican making sense.

But, unfortunately, the little school girl “click” of Republican Leadership will probably take him out and shoot him just like they shoot (R) Gov. Christie for having the audacity to work with President Obama durning the “Sandy” disaster.

Republican Leadership = old white grey haired men nodding and speaking stupidly.

Why do we even use “Republican” and “Leadership” in the same sentence?

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