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Republican Voices and Words

November 13, 2012

I have listened to this Republican voice on and off over the  last 10-15 years ( however long he has been on).  Never for any real information.  More for entertainment.  I have been Republican all my life, didn’t really agree with this guys logic, but he was amusing.  Chris Hayes, a very smart young man, seems to believe Rush beleives in what he is saying.   I  personally think Rush does not know what he believes.  He does know he is a entertainer, his rating go up based upon the stupidly shocking stuff that spews out of his mouth.  Higher rating = more bonuses.  These two clips are pretty funny, but sadly this is how Republicans Leadership handle the facts.




Republican leadership handle the facts by hanging up on people.  Or in the case of the recent election, Mr Romney just quit doing TV interviews.  And the Romney campaign said ” we are not gonna let fact checkers dictate our campaign ”  Rush is just part the the huge Political spin and increasingly not credible Republican Party.  Rush couldn’t handle a rational debate about facts.  Mainly because he does not care about the facts and quite frankly does not wish to know the facts.  If he gets backed into a corner, he just falls back on the tried and true retreat of calling people names.  The “so called” liberal media fired Don Imus for his horribly racial remarks about a Black women’s basketball team.  Yet Rush Limbaugh keeps his job despite calling a young female student : slut and prostitute.  Rush Limbaugh likes to talk and not think.  Intellectuals ( people who think logically ), people with character and integrity:  think and then talk.

And there is not a single Republican leader who will stand up and set the record straight regarding Mr Limbaugh’s, radically shocking words.  Rush Limbaugh, when he cant think of anything stupid for the day, will get back on the band wagon of “the birth certificate”.  Mr Limbaugh–Hiliary Clinton has a brilliant legal mind and thinks logically.  You on the other hand, are just another old , white grey haired man nodding and speaking stupidly.  Hilliary Clinton had more to gain, then anybody in this country, if there was something to the “birth certificate”.  So, if she didn’t persue it—why don’t you move on ?

We as Americans, see two different party leaders coming together, for the benefit of the country.  This took place when  (R)Gov. Christie and (D)President Obama took steps to address the devastation of “Sandy”.  Gov Christie was one of the main speakers at the RNC.  Yet, when this cooperation took place, The MOUTH ( Limbaugh) of the old white grey haired men who nod and speak stupidly said:  “This must be man love”  This country needs cooperation among the two parties, yet Republican leadership demands conflict and strife from their Generals.


The Republican party is comparable to a “click” of junior high school girls.  Ewww you sat with her at lunch ?  Ewwww you walked with her to gym class?  I have been Republican all my life and all I can think now is Ewww.

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