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We invade a country because it has weapons of mass destruction–yet we sell weapons of mass destruction.

December 18, 2012

The Governor of Texas wants to arm school teachers with guns—thats his answer to this horrible problem?  In my mind this is so far off base.  Do we really want to put teachers in that situation.  I couldn’t imagine shooting somebody and I venture to say no teacher would want to be in that situation.  They would have joined the military if they wanted to be in that situation, they chose to be teachers.  That situation is for soldiers and law enforcement professionals.   Teachers now trained to shoot people—really ??

Jesus said “those who live by the sword will die by the sword”  If we are a nation that our leaders like to quote the Bible, why don’t they read what the Bible has to say about how we live ?  They like to quote the Bible when it suits them and ignore it when it docent suit them.

We as a country are sold a lie and invade another country because they have weapons of mass destruction, yet we sell weapons of mass destruction to our citizens.  Does anybody see the hypocricy ?

Do we have a government by and for the people or is there a shadow government running things?  The shadow government being lobbyists, big corporations and ultimately who has the most money.  They talk about this being a complex issue and mental health being one of the complexities.  But look at the mixed messages our government sends to us.  We as a nation invade another country and use violence to get what we want.  So if our elected officials handle disputes that way–is it any wonder what message that sends to our children ?

I grew up in the midwest and I hunted.  The shotguns back then had a plug in them.  The plug limited the amount of shells that could be in a gun at any one time.  If you wanted to hunt you had to get a hunting license and take a hunting class.  The class taught you the rules of hunting, one rule was you couldn’t take the plug out of the shotgun.    I was told the plug made hunting fair.  If you couldn’t shoot the duck with four chances then you were not a good shot.  It was like there was some type of morality that went along with hunting.

Now they have shotguns with drums full of shells.  These shotguns are for military and law enforcement professionals–but we sell them to our citizens ??  All in the name of freedom ?

We invade another country because they have weapons of mass destruction, yet we sell weapons of mass destruction.  We take our kids..our babies to school, to movies, to the mall and they just don’t come home.  All in the name of freedom and our 2nd amendment rights ??  I just don’t understand it.

We as citizens have seen all the TV coverage about this latest horrible event.  I just cant help but wonder if our leaders were not watching TV, but being warned by the NRA and gun lobbyists.   Where are our elected officials and when are they going to do the right thing.  Common sense.  Elected officials are so worried about getting re-elected.  In my opinion, if they would do whats best for the country and for the people who elected them and quit catering to special interest groups—their re-election would take care of itself.  Where are the elected officials who aspire to be leaders and not just hold a office?

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