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Thank God for the NRA

December 22, 2012

Thank God for the NRA. They finally came out and showed their true motives.

Wayne LaPierre showed us he is nothing more than a salesman, selling fear and guns.
Way to Go Wayne

More guns for schools, thats the answer?  Too bad Fort Hood didn’t have any weapons there.   SEll the fear and the guns.  The NRA is nothing more than the marketing arm for the gun manufactures.

Schools now, then we need more guns for movie theaters, malls and parking lots.

Mental health checks for gun buyers?  Makes you wonder if this guy could pass a mental health test,  if he thinks common sense thinking people will buy what he is selling.

When are we gonna elect some true leaders, not just people who want to hold a office and a title ?  Elected officials cower to the salesman, Wayne LaPierre ?

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