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Rebranding the Republican Party

March 22, 2013

You gotta love these Republican leaders.

They are hiring marketing firms, to tell them they need to go out and tell minorities “they love them”.  The marketing firms are telling them they need to put the bag of crap they are selling into a different and more attractive box.  Leave the contents the same—-just market it better.  Republicans just don’t get it.   There is  no talk about changing their ideas, trickery has always worked well in the past and they just cant figure out why it docent work well now.  We live in a candid camera world, Just ask Romney.  The crap he really believed was caught on camera behind closed doors.  The stuff he was selling was carefully prepared and presented to the world—its just that darn internet that revealed what he was really about.  The days of saying what people want to hear and then going into a closed room with lobbyists and powerful people—making the real deals for the few—-those days are gone.  The internet has changed things and the Republicans don’t understand that.  Republicans are still trying to dupe the public into believing they are on the side of people.  Republicans need to get candid candidates for a candid camera world.  You know, people who believe what they say and say what they believe.

I just think its funny, but typical.  Rebrand the Republican Party ?  In my opinion, they need to say what they believe and believe what they say.  You know, HONEST CANDIDATES.

Hire marketing firms—they need to look inward.  If your character cant get you elected then move on to used car sales.   Trickery has worked well in the past, but this being held accountable for what they say and how they vote—its a bitch.

Old, white, grey haired men want to get elected by whatever means and then do whatever it takes to keep their office.

Mitch McConnell said his number one priority was to make this President a one term President—-not jobs!!!  He runs a campaign telling the people he will do the work of the people—-then decides his priority isnt jobs, but to make this President a one term President.  He failed at that.  In my opinion voters need to vote him out.  He dosent hold true to his campaign promises and then the one thing he sets out to do—he fails at that!!!

Different Companies have had bad products—but they hire marketing firms to market their crap product.  Same crap product in a different boxes.

He even smiles and thinks he’s cute.  He is a old white grey haired man, not cute.

People, U.S. Citizens: get involved in your elections.  Don’t listen radio personalities tell you how to vote.  We have so much information available with the internet—–READ AND THINK FOR YOURSELVES.  Get out and vote for candid candidates in a candid camera world.  Hold these elected leaders accountable.  We need Government leaders with character.

Makes you wonder why Romney had such a problem with public education and teachers unions.  Its a bitch if these minorities are going to vote, but if they are—-we need to at least keep them dumb.

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