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Same Sex Marriage

March 22, 2013

I am  Christian.  I am not gay or bi-sexual.

If this country is to have freedom of religion, then it has to be free for everyone of all faiths and beleifs.  If we take away the rights of same sex individuals to marry based on religion, then don’t you see that takes away Christians rights.  I mean if these extreme right wing tea baggers are using the argument of no same sex marriage because of religious beliefs, then that will ultimately infringe upon Christian’s rights.  If these extreme right wing law makers can ban same sex marriage because of religious beliefs, then we are giving them power to say what faiths can be practiced.  Extreme right wing law makers ban same sex marriage based on religious beliefs—then what religious beliefs are going to be the standard.  Methodist, Baptist, Catholicism … what ?

If Christians want freedom of religion and freedom to worship God, then they need to acknowledge other peoples rights and beliefs.  Christians who want Government to govern marriage will ultimately give up their right to worship God as they see fit.  Government say’s you can’t be married because you are a same sex couple because of religious beliefs only gives Government the right to tell everybody how they can and should worship God.  Evangelicals will be told you can’t pray in the Spirit because its against the law based on the religious beliefs of this other doctrine

Christians should think things thru and not listen to these extreme right wing nuts.  The very thing Christians think they are accomplishing by trying to get Government to ban same sex marriage, is the very thing they will loose if Government is allowed to govern this area.  Christians will loose their freedom of religion.

Christians should know what they believe and why they believe it —  and not be sold a bag of goods based on fear.  Christians should spend some time in the 4 Gospels and see who Jesus got really mad at—It was the hypocrisy of the Government and Church leaders.

If Christians want to do the will of God, then do what Jesus said.  Jesus said the greatest commandment was  to love the Lord your God with your whole heart and being AND love your neighbor as yourself.  If you think someone is in sin, then pray for them and love them with the God kind of love.  Christians need to get real and realize there are going to be some people in heaven they don’t think should be there.  But thank GOD he dosent judge us using our own hypocrisies.   God formed all of us in our mothers womb.  That’s all people of the world.  He said that Jesus was the author and FINISHER of our faith.  The Lord’s prayer, we ask for forgiveness just as we forgive those around us.  Take the log out of your own eye before you attempt to take the splinter out of your neighbors eye.  God is full of Grace, Mercy and Lovingkindness.  He extends that to every human being not just the ones YOU think he should.

Don’t be sold a bag of fear from right wing nuts.  One thing this country is based on is freedom of religion—-not your religion and not some right wing nut’s religion.  The very thing you are fighting so hard for, will be the thing you will loose if Government is allowed to pass laws based on religious beleifs.  Christians need to spend a little more time reading the Bible and praying to God——–and a lot less time listening to some right wing nut or some “preachers” interpretation of the Bible.

The Bible say’s to pray without ceasing—how well you doing on that one ?

The very thing you are fighting so hard for, will be the thing you will loose if Government is allowed to pass laws based on religious beliefs. 

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